Weng Yao Ji ( clay oven grilled chicken ) is one of the most famous restaurants  in Yilan, it is also the first clay oven grilled chicken restaurant in this area.  Weng Yao Ji insists on using the ancient method of cooking and providing the highest quality of food to our customers. It has become so popular that it has been established by the press. Weng Yao Ji specially selected Longan Wood for grilling the chicken, this method has been used for hundred of years, and it is the only place in Taiwan which still honours this culinary tradition.

We now have restaurants in Yilan, Chiayi, Xinzhu, Pingtung. Weng Yao Ji will continue serving the best quality of food and unique clay oven grilled chicken to customers from all places.

Taiwan Branches
We would like to respond to enquiries we have recently received that there are other restaurants using our trademark and name - Weng Yao Ji - for their business. However, we would like to clarify that there are only four Weng Yao Ji restaurants - Flagship - Yilan, Chiayi, Xinzhu, Pingtung. Weng Yao Ji would like to give our customers the best quality of food, and thank you for those whom have supported Weng Yao Ji all these years.

For a better environment, we've spent over millions on Stormwater Disposal  in 2009 to maintain the beauty of Yilan.

Location Shooting

Urn love presented cuisine-Weng Yao Ji ( clay oven grilled chicken )

Weng Yao Ji ( clay oven grilled chicken )- Mr. Lin Yihua, reading from an early age when given the chance to go to work and earn living expenses, reduce the family burden. Early in business investment business failed and friends so that nothing ten million debt. In the most frustrated, think of the most loved his grandmother, grandmother always ready holidays a unique taste delicious chicken kiln urn, hoping he finished urn after kiln chicken, smooth, all successful, let his heart is full of happiness. Mr. Lin Yihua faith of grandmothers miss, also want to wish you all the happiness and all the best of the heart, spread to more people, so in Ilan opened the first typified urn kiln chicken, want to eat urn kiln chicken people can enjoy a happy good taste. Now there are four chicken kiln urn typified the spirit, "taken from the community, giving back to society" concept in Taiwan, hoping to disadvantaged families also have the opportunity to taste the good feelings of happiness, it was held "in urn love presented dishes "campaign. In traditional fashion urn kiln chicken today (8/26) - Bamboo East first held in store - "urn love presented food" campaign manager Li Dongxin invited the world of light reformatory, and be exceedingly preschool meters total House 60 children, hoping to encourage children to learn traditional fashion event urn kiln chicken founder Mr. Lin Yihua, the difficulties encountered Yuecuoyueyong spirit. Typified the scene and prepared a unique urn kiln Chicken tonic specialties include: "3 million typified urn kiln chicken," "wild ginseng dishes," "fried cat ears," "She salad butterfly wings "" natural Cordyceps "," sea grapes "," Night fragrant lily bud "," Jian faint white "to let the children happy and honored guests desire. Hsinchu County Government Social Department Director Tianzhao Rong said: Thank you very much also to encourage private enterprises to hold an educational charity, but also hope that through typified urn kiln Chicken - East bamboo shop initiate so that other companies can do as a social welfare parts of effort. And expect children to learn, trying to pursue their dreams, can grow up to uphold the same heart society.