WENG YAO JI is a special patented urn kiln fired into the stew chicken to store it longer than other meat products, its flavor is more longer if you are to bring it back home , eat post tells you :

1.Heat the oven method:Preheat oven 180 degrees to 200 degrees bake 7 minutes to 8 minutes ( whole chicken )

2.Microwave treatment method:The strongest firepower to set for 5 minutes

3.Salted boiler method :Salt pot laying turn a small fire for 10 minutes

4.Refrigerated iced law:Place in the refrigerator the next day flavor more chewy , more fragrant , due to smoldering process, chanterelle already so I do not extract oil Not greasy. Eat more chicken soup are attached , please stick or cream of chicken soup After heating , more full of taste , aroma Yu is more concentrated , which no Places to eat less , and only three years of exclusive taste urn kiln chicken before eating to get in this store is recommended that you have time to sit inside , Freshly baked eat out most of its original flavor.

1‧Ancient techniques
WENG YAO to be improved in accordance with traditional methods of manufacturing special oven , the whole kiln with five or more different types of soil urn , the kiln dust ...... manually create and certified by Chinese Ministry of Economic Affairs Intellectual Property Office of Patent registration No. 01088055 .

2‧Carefully selected mountain chicken run
WENG YAO JI are using 130 days to 150 days fine run mountain hen , weighs about 2 pounds 10 ounces , tender meat , sweet but not greasy, chicken stocking Way , and then with corn , forage , live enzymes ...... etc deployment feed, stocking the chicken body healthy , exercise enough above the chicken and so on .

3‧More than three decades of grandma Ingredients
WENG YAO JI taste department 30 years, the exclusive recipe formulation , chickens to feed a whole chicken tasty dip , so that the birds fully absorb seasonings , so chicken is the entrance charge Full aroma , do not need any sauce , condiments, truly loyal to the original flavor , natural flavor and emphasis on tasty , do not use any of the blind Herbs, so that young and old , women and children can enjoy , without any restrictions.

4‧Ancient timber
WENG YAO JI stew urn kiln using only low altitude hard texture longan wood, because of its hard texture can only burn a stable heat, because longan wood burning When burned incense arising with "chicken " binding can revel in the exclusive taste of WENG YAO JI

5‧Roast stew complex way
Longan wood for fire wood urn kiln will burn a certain temperature , to adopt progressive manner roast stew , stew baked until the first low-temperature drop to a certain extent after the presentation Temperature , high-temperature baking again ( sorry this is not described in detail , after all, is unique skill ) urn kiln chicken finished its meaty gravy tightly Never lost in the closure , the meat tender and juicy fragrant Q not dry .
This is not the general electric oven, oven fire urn Chicken , Chicken bucket ...... can do, because the practice was not grilled , but to stew baked earth , The bird takes about 40 minutes to complete , and a vat kiln can roast a chicken stew these are the people that can not learn .
Yilan Jiaoxi - WENG YAO JI Master