About Weng Yao Chicken

Origin of Weng Yao Chicken

The first Weng Yao Chicken Bistro was near the Janfusun Fancyworld in Yunlin County. With some special opportunities, we moved to Yilan for keeping our business. In 2006, the fire destroyed the bistro, but we tried our best to put ourselves together and rebuilt it; in addition, more and more friends encouraged us and recognized us, and we appreciate it very much.

It’s a brand as well as a signature

It has been 20 years since Weng Yao Chicken’s foundation. We have many branches across each corner of Taiwan. Our bistros are built around the easy-access area so that the public can eat our foods conveniently, efficiently and economically. We have earned great reputation, and over hundreds of international media have reported our bistro and foods. For this reason, many restaurants and bistros around the interchanges called themselves "Weng Yao Chicken" or made their signboards similar to ours. Please watch carefully our signboard and don’t get wrong. Come to our bistro and you will know what is the original flavour.
The exclusivity of "Weng Yao Chicken" is that we are not scare of troubled and complicated cooking process. We insist on traditional cooking methods and recipes and bring the best local gourmet food, Weng Yao Chicken, to more friends. It is worthy to be stressful and exhausted for all the way so far. Thanks for your support and recognition.

Characteristics of our products

A. Traditional cooking methods
The earth oven that we use is a special grill transformed from the traditional cooking pit. The oven is made by hand of more than five different clays, kiln dusts, etc. The oven has obtained the patent certificates No. 01088055, No. M322225, No. D100277, No. D122796, No. D122661 and No. D1262001 issued by Taiwan Intellectual Property Office, Ministry of Economic Affairs.

B. Carefully selected grass-fed chicken
We use the supreme about-130-to-150-day-old grass-fed chicken, with the weight around 3.5 pounds. The chicken meat is juicy, tender, and sweet but not greasy. The chickens are cage-free and fed with corns, forage, enzymes, etc. The grass-fed chickens are supreme because they are healthy with a lot of exercise.

C. Grandma’s secret ingredients existing for over 30 years
We use the secret ingredients of more than 30-year-old recipe to make the flavour of our Weng Yao Chicken. The chicken is entirely marinated in the sauce first to make an entire flavour in the meat. Therefore, no sauce or seasoning is needed, and you can enjoy the original flavour. We use only natural spices without Chinese medicine, suitable for people of all ages.

D. Ingredients of traditional recipe
To grill the chicken, we only use the lychee woods from low attitude areas. Because the texture of lychee woods is so rigid, the fire is more stable. The smell of lychee wood smoke combined with the chicken is also the key to have exclusive flavour of Weng Yao Chicken.

E. Complicated grilling process
We use the lychee woods to burn the Weng Yao Chicken to a certain degree, and the progressive way of grilling will be adopted. The chicken will be grilled in low temperature to a certain degree and cool the chicken down a bit, then the chicken will be grilled in high temperature (Because it’s the secret recipe, please forgive us that we cannot give more details about it). After the whole process is done, the chicken will be juicy, aromatic, delicious, chewy and not too dry. It is very different from barrel broiled chicken that we made by electric ovens or fire ovens. Our chicken is not cooked by the fire but by the high temperature of clays. It takes about 40 minutes to cook a chicken, and each earth oven can be only put a chicken in, and other bistros and restaurants are difficult to make the same kind of chicken.

F. Cooking Methods
Weng Yao Chicken is the cooked and grilled by patent earth ovens, and you can store our chicken and keep the flavour for longer time than other meat products. If you are taking away the food, please follow the steps below to heat up the chicken:
1. Oven: Preheat the oven from 180oC to 200 oC and bake for 7 to 8 minutes (with the whole chicken).
2. Microwave: Use the highest watts to heat the chicken for 5 minutes.
3. Pan and salt: Put the salt on the bottom of pan, lay the chicken on the salt and simmer it for 10 minutes.
4. Refrigerator: If you put the chicken in the refrigerator, the chicken is going to be chewier and more aromatic the next day. Because the chicken oil is already gone during the first cooking process, it will not be too greasy. For the four methods above, we provide you with the chicken soup. Please heat up the chicken soup and pour on the chicken or dip the soup while enjoying the chicken meat. You will experience the better and stronger flavour of it. It is not the chicken that you can eat everywhere, only in the bistros that we keep the secret recipe for more than 30 years. We recommend you to visit us if you have time. The original flavour of our chicken is the best when it’s freshly cooked.

Five Direct Branch Bistro in Taiwan

First National Brand of Roasted Chicken
Recommendation and reports from hundreds of media

Head Bistro in Jiaoxi, Yilan
Branch Zhudong, Hsinchu
Branch Dongshan, Taichung
Branch Nanzhou, Pingdong