A-Tao Chicken Section

Name: Chicken peach
Nickname: A peach
English name: momo
height: 30 peaches high
birthday: September 21, 1972
weight: 2 kg 10 two
birth: At the foot of Alishan
Mantra: Call me A peach!
Haunted place: Yilan Hsinchu Taichung Chiayi Pingtung...etc.
Favorite song: Song of the kiln chicken
Favorite sports: Basketball, football, surfing
Favorite food: Wild vegetables from all over the country
Favorite color: Big red
Okay: Unconsciously touch your own cockscomb
A peach has a bright personality and loves this land of Taiwan. The whole Taiwan is well-connected. Friends are very popular. They often have good friends at home and abroad.Come to him to play!

Five Direct Branch Bistro in Taiwan

First National Brand of Roasted Chicken
Recommendation and reports from hundreds of media

Head Bistro in Jiaoxi, Yilan
Branch Zhudong, Hsinchu
Branch Dongshan, Taichung
Branch Nanzhou, Pingdong