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feature of product

1‧ Follow the ancient law
The kiln is a special oven that has been improved according to the ancient law. The whole kiln is built by hand with five or more different types of bauxite and kiln dust, and is certified by the Intellectual Property Office of the Ministry of Economic Affairs of the Republic of China No. 01008055.

2‧Strictly selected running mountain chicken
The kiln kiln is a fine hen that uses 130 days to 150 days. It weighs about 2 jins and 10 ounces. The meat is smooth and tender, sweet and not greasy. The chickens are stocked with corn, forage and living enzymes. ..... to mix the feed, stocking the chicken body health, exercise enough to wait for the chicken.

3‧more than 30 years of aunty ingredients
The taste of the kiln chicken is 30 years of exclusive secret recipe. The chicken is immersed in whole chicken dipping, so that the chicken can fully absorb the seasoning, so that the chicken entrance is full of aroma, no need to use any sauce, seasoning, and true loyalty to the original taste. And emphasize the use of natural flavors, do not use any Chinese herbal medicines, so that the old woman can enjoy, without any restrictions.

4‧Used materials of ancient law
The roasting of the kiln chicken is only made of hard lychee wood with low-altitude texture. It can burn out the calming heat due to the hard texture, and the combination of aromatherapy and "chicken" produced by the burning of lychee wood can show the exclusive The taste of the kiln chicken.

5‧complicated roasting method
The kiln kiln is burned to a certain temperature with lychee wood as a fire material, and the gradual roasting method is adopted. The chilled broiling method is firstly cooled to a certain extent, and then the temperature is lowered, and then baked at a high temperature (sorry, the details cannot be described here). After all, this is a unique effort. After the completion, the kiln chicken meat is succulent and tightly sealed, and the meat is fresh and juicy. Q is not dry. This is not the chicken in the electric oven or fire oven. Bucket chicken can do it because it is not roasted, but grilled with earthworms. Each chicken takes about 40 minutes to complete, and a kiln can only bake one chicken. Can't learn.

Cooking method

The kiln kiln is made of special patented kiln chicken. The storage time is longer than that of other meat products. If you bring it home, the post-feeding method tells you:

1.Oven heating method: preheat the oven 180 degrees to 200 degrees and then bake for 7 minutes to 8 minutes (all chicken)

2.Microwave treatment method: heat the heat setting for 5 minutes.

3.Boiler salt mash method: heat the salt to the bottom of the pot and heat it for 10 minutes.

4.Refrigerated ice-cold method: The refrigerator is refrigerated every other day. The flavor is more chewy and more fragrant. Because the chicken oil has already been forced out during the burning process, it is not oily or greasy. The above methods are all accompanied by chicken soup. Please heat the chicken soup and topped it. Or use it, the taste is more full, the aroma is more fragrant, which can't be eaten anywhere. Only the exclusive taste of the kiln chicken in 30 years can be enjoyed. At this store, you are advised to have time to sit down and sit. The newly-launched kiln chicken can best eat its original flavor.

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